My name is Brian Langenfeld. KNOTFIELD is my consultancy, based in Omaha, Nebraska. I help small- to medium-sized businesses make more money and higher-quality decisions. If I had you at “more money”, by all means, go ahead and reach out to me now. Otherwise, read on to find out exactly how I can help.

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turn more visitors into revenue
Your web site exists to convert visitors into revenue. I can update that same web site to convert more visitors into revenue — more cheaply and more predictably than a full-scale site redesign.

Think about it. Would you rather gamble $20,000 redesigning your web site for an unknown ROI… or several thousands less on smaller changes that will predictably add up to (often double- or even triple-digit) increases in revenue? Ten out of ten rocket scientists in your shoes would choose the latter.

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get back to actual business
Small- to medium-sized businesses are often absolutely plagued by inefficient (read: expensive!) processes. I can write applications to make them fast (read: cheap!) — and save you a ton of time (read: money!).

Maybe you spend 30 minutes every day copying numbers into a spreadsheet, checking competitors’ prices online, or entering orders into your vendor’s system. That measly half-hour adds up to over three weeks each year. Want those three weeks back? That’s what I’m offering you.

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see what you couldn't before
There’s a reason people say “I see” when they understand: the eyes are the most expressive and direct channel into our brains. I can design visualizations and dashboards that quickly answer your most valuable questions.

Having a hard time making sense of your data? Not your fault. It’s because it’s being presented poorly, and your brain is working so hard to comprehend that there’s no power left for critical thinking. Reclaim that lost effort so you can make better decisions.


What’s the value of even a one-percent increase in your business’s revenue? What about an hour of your time, or the ability to immediately understand what’s happening and make the right call? You probably have a pretty good idea. The real question is whether I can deliver the goods, and whether this will be a good fit.


way more than you're used to getting

I’m one of those guys who is into (and good at) a lot of different things. Although I ended up working in technology for over twelve years, I actually started college wanting to be a high school band director, and even spent a few semesters majoring in art and English. I’m degreed in technology (BS) and business (MBA). In my spare time, I try to avoid losing digits while making furniture in my garage.

All of this adds up to my being a pretty unconventional thinker and fantastic problem solver. But don’t take my word for it.

  • “As a business person it is invaluable to have insight into the factors that drive your business. Brian is the best-equipped person I’ve ever worked with to understand the business realities and how to master the underlying data to bring it together into sometimes stunning insight. His skill, perspective, personality and follow-through make him the perfect partner for a wide range of challenging problems.”

    - Cameron Ludwig, Director of Analytics & Consumer Markets, BCBSNE -

  • “There are a lot of really smart tech-type people out there. The thing that makes Brian different is that he’s not just a “developer” or “data guy” — he gets the product side, too, which is all about understanding people and knowing what they want. His input helped drive dramatic improvements in our product’s end-user experience and value proposition. Our entire business is better for having worked with Brian.”

    - Jeff Nieto, CEO, müvin -

  • “Back in the day, someone with serious expertise across a variety of subjects might have been described as a ‘Renaissance Man’. Think of Newton, Franklin, and DaVinci, then add Brian to that list. When we brought him in to help us out, we had no idea we were actually getting four guys’ skills for the price of one.”

    - Ryan Cooper, CEO, GolfStatus -


more than simply having a budget

Although I’d love to help everyone who comes calling, the reality of being a one-man consultancy is that I have to be selective.

We might be a good fit for one another if…

  • You have the courage to make changes. Getting different results usually requires trying different things.
  • You want expert opinions and output to match. Lots of guys can bang out code. Businesses hire me for more.
  • You’re willing to help me help you. I treat clients like partners, which means we crush goals together.

On the other hand, I might not be your guy if…

  • You actually need a big time consultancy, like IBM or Deloitte. I can’t match them… but I also don’t bill like they do, either.
  • Your business has no paying customers. Startups are a lot of fun, but they can’t represent the bulk of my client profile.


To ensure my ability to deliver amazing results with a level of personal service to match, I can only carry a handful of clients at a time. So if you’re ready to see for yourself what I can do for your business’s performance and capabilities, now is the best time to get in touch with me.

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